Happy friday!

Wow, this has been a busy week. With the bachelorette party on Saturday night, the Glotones brunch on Sunday, helping turn Danielle’s house into Peewee’s Playhouse on Tuesday and Thursday, I’ve had little time to reach out to my ‘readers’. (I used quotes because as far as I know, the only person reading this is my sister. Hi Sara!) If you’re reading this and you’re not Sara, go check out her tattoo blog, she’s awesome. It’s in the links sidebar.

Anyway… things and stuff. I’ll have a new recipe post coming soon (Potatoes au gratin, yum!) and as we get closer and closer to actual winter (!) I’ll most likely be posting about snow a lot more. Winter is coming, friends, and I couldn’t be happier. Which brings me to the song of the day…

I give you ‘Feel Good Hit of the Summer’, the absolute BEST song ever to get you pumped for snowboarding or skiing. Enjoy!


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