ChipIn: Help Save Brutus!

Stuff like this just breaks my heart – this poor little guy has barely had a chance. If you have any money to spare in these tough economic times, please chip in to help pay for the surgery Brutus desperately needs.

Brutus needs your help!

Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue

via ChipIn: Help Save Brutus!. Here’s the text from the BPSBR:

“We got a call today about a 1 year old pug in need. Brutus had slipped out of his harness and ran into the road where he was hit by a car traveling at a high rate of speed. After learning that Brutus had broken his pelvis in 4 places and that he required surgery, his owners opted to have him euthanized.

The staff at the vet offered to seek rescue for him and eventually we were notified of Brutus’s situation. Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue offered to help save this boy and have him transported to Rochester to our emergency medical clinic so a board certified orthopedic surgeon could give Brutus the surgery he needs to save his life.

Unfortunately, the number we were originally quoted was not accurate after seeing Brutus’s X-Rays first hand. Most of Brutus’s pelvis is floating in pieces within his abdomen. He is in shock and in a tremendous amount of pain. He is currently at in the ICU at the emergency hospital where he is being treated and given medication to manage the incredible amount of pain he is in. The next 2 days in the ICU will cost $1949.15. That does not include the surgery that Brutus must have done, as there are no other options. The surgery to repair his pelvis will cost $4000-$6000. (We will have a more precise number when we hear back from the surgeon in the morning.)

This is more than double the cost we anticipated, but we are rescue, and RESCUE NEVER GIVES UP!

Please, Please, Please help us give Brutus the surgery he needs. He has so many wonderful years ahead of him if we can just get him through this. Any amount you can spare will help us help him. Thank you. “


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